The Heart Of The Coastal Bend

Sinton offers many unique and special opportunities for any visitor. We are located just 28 miles north of Corpus Christi, or a three-hour drive south from Houston, or two hours south from San Antonio.

Sinton has a rich history in oil and gas as well as cattle ranching. The Welder Wildlife Foundation, the world's largest private foundation, was established after the death of Robert M. Welder, a local rancher and oil man known affectionately to his friends as Mr. Rob. The foundation consists of 7,800 acres of land and Mr. Rob directed that the Refuge be managed for the conservation of native wildlife. The foundation is open to the public for tours every Thursday at 3:00 p.m. (except holidays). On your visit to the foundation you will see wildlife in its natural habitat and acres of wildflowers in the spring and through the early summer. The Welder Wildlife Refuge Is approximately eight miles northwest of Sinton on U.S. Highway 77.

Sinton is a great place for "Birding". Areas that are excellent for this popular pastime are the Welder Wildlife Foundation, the Rob and Bessie Welder Park and the Welder Park. The Welder Park, the Rob & Bessie Welder Park, and the Sinton Settlement Ponds have all been included on The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. At the Rob and Bessie Welder Park many improvements have been made for birding. There are two pavilions located near a man-made lake that are excellent for observing water fowl in their natural surroundings, but watch out for the alligator. A hiking trail has been completed and is located in the same general area as the pavilions. The natural habitat encourages all aspects of wildlife but especially birds. The Rob and Bessie Welder Park is located three miles north of Sinton on Highway 181 and has a complete 18-hole golf course and a swimming pool which are both open to the public. There are two wild turkeys who have taken up residence at the Golf Course and are particularly fond of "cookies and chips". A new RV Park located next to the Golf Course has been completed with spaces available for 43 campers. A new open-air pavilion has also been completed and is available for rental. This pavilion is fenced and has a covered picnic area. These improvements are part of a matching funds grant given to the City of Sinton and the Sinton Parks Board through the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

The Welder Park located at the end of N. Rachal has been left in a natural state and is also excellent for birding. A natural spring feeds the creek that runs through the area and oak trees cover the entire park.

Sinton is locally referred to as "THE ANTIQUE CAPITAL OF S0UTH TEXAS" and has been full of area shoppers visiting the unique antique stores and the unusual gift shops. There are now over eight stores that specialize in antiques and collectibles that will delight any shopper. Come and spend the day visiting all of our wonderful merchants. We feel sure you will come again and again.

For more information:
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