City by the Sea

Palacios' name is derived from a legend that a Spanish ship was wrecked of the nearby coast. Sailors from that shipwreck saw a mirage of three palaces, and swam towards the shore where the palaces seemed to be. Of course, the palaces disappeared, but the name remained.

Because of it's unique and beautiful bay, Palacios has always been known for it's water related events. Whether you enjoy fishing, sailing, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just relaxing at the beach, Palacios is the place to be.

The climate of Palacios is exactly what you would expect in a City by the Sea...sunny days and cool evenings with a light breeze. The average temperature in July is 90 and the average temperature in January is 48 with an overall yearly average of 70 degrees. The average rainfall is 42 inches.

The people of Palacios pride themselves on southern hospitality. From the Gala Spring Banquets held on the Pavilion to the Annual Regattas and Fish Fest...Hospitality is a key word.

Picture yourself relaxing on a large viranda as warm sea breezes softly caress the palm trees, a fish jumps in the nearby water, and a gull flys overhead. Now is this a dream, or are you there? You could be.

Nestled along the Tres Palacios Bay, a small inland bay of Matagorda Bay, on the central coast of Texas, is Palacios. It is known to many as "The City by the Sea" . A sleepy little city that relaxes the mind and calms the spirit.

Palacios can boast of a fantastic coastal setting, with wonderful temperatures, but there is more to the "City by the Sea" than that. A paradise for hunters and fishermen with guides available for those new to the area. Alligator, early teal, dove, goose, duck, hog and deer hunting expeditions may be arranged in season. The birding trails here are second to none. Palacios is home to the Nature Conservancy of Texas' Mad Island Marsh Preserve. How about a romantic honeymoon getaway, or a relaxing evening walk on the lighted seawall or just watching the shrimp fleets return. There is golf, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. The list of activities goes on and on. Maybe what you are looking for is a place just to kick back and relax. We've got that too.

Accomodations range from simple to luxurious and include such historic locations as the Luther Hotel. Moonlight Bay Bed and Breakfast, the Main Bed and Breakfast, and the Le Jardin de le mer Bed & Breakfast and the Fountain Terrace Motel is also a quality lodging establishment available in Palacios.

Palacios can boast of an active community with a laid-back atmosphere. Some of the additional points of interest include: La Salle Shipwreck Excavation Headquarters * public boat ramps & lighted fishing piers * seven miles of shoreline * public parks (9), many on the bay * Greater Texas Coastal Birding Trail * lighted pavilion over water * community swimming pool * Palacios Golf Course * public library * Texas Marine Education Center * recreation center * senior citizens center * Palacios Area Historical Museum * jogging trail * baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and tennis courts * lighted seawall walking course * bird watching (over 300 species) * Annual Sailing Regatta * historical marker on Camp Herlin*